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General Multimedia Authoring

General Multimedia Authoring

Compare and contrast multimedia authoring packages for Amiga.

Sam Crow posted a new discussion1 year ago

Changes to borrow from other systems?

What features are needed by CanDo that can be borrowed from other implementations? Graphics card support comes to my mind. Maybe sound card support...

General Multimedia Authoring

Im working on becoming the official CanDo support source and possibly make some updates. Waiting to hear back from the original developer...

I think AmigaVIsion, along with the Amiga itself, was one of Commodore's biggest missed opportunities. They could have offloaded all the file...

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Used both AmigaVision & CanDo (Since the 1.0 version) are the ones I've tried...

Sam Crow posted a new discussion1 year ago

How many multimedia authoring systems have you tried?

I have the following: AmigaVision 2.0 CanDo! 3.0 Hollywood 8.0 Others I haven't tried: Helm Scala Multimedia How many more are out there?

General Multimedia Authoring

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